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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is the best rapid development model? This question has come up in the last few weeks for me. I have seen the ADDIE model succeed in a short term process. Short courses developed in just a few months using this model are possible, I have done it. It requires the buy in of the everyone involved. SMEs, sponsors, developers must agree to focus and complete the reviews in very short order.

I was recently told a little about the Agile development method. I don't know much about it, though I will soon and I will probably revisit this topic then. Is this a faster method. Is it possible to develop long courses in shorted times?

What is the best possible method? what do we trade off in favor of speed, and when we do so, can we live with those choices? What are the ramifications of those choices over the long term? Is it fair to say that we will fix the mistakes later?

Working at a corporation in their training department that is a fair assumption. However, can a small development company, or an individual consultant, make those promises? What will the client do?

I guess here I have more questions than solid opinions. What is the right answer? My personal thought is that, as in most things, the answer probably lies somewhere between the two choices.